Many people and organizations in Spain have been developing, in the last years, a new sense of social responsibility towards their community. Every day increase the number of citizens who believes in the power of the nonprofit sector, even though they aren't many compared to other countries with a large community tradition.
Anyway, a lot of philanthropic organizations are seting up brilliant initiatives to set oneself a better society, more generous, fair and sharing. Their contribution to the growth of the spanish philanthropic sense are irrefutable. Doubtless, the nonprofit organizations are the dynamic force of the weak spanish civil society.
Likewise, the spanish enterprise is contributing, in a incipient way, to the solution of many problems of the society, by means of an active attitude of managers and employees, unthikable only a few years ago. The spanish business philanthropy has, definitely, a great future.
The Philanthropy and Development Institute, has its head office in Barcelona -Spain- and is working with a big illusion for the generosity and the altruism between all social agents, stimulating the philanthropy speech as the central idea for their informative and formative proceedings. The IFD try to be a point of reference to the nonprofit organizations and the spanish enterprises, and try to raise the awareness of philanthropic phenomenon for the man in the street.


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